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How Much Does a Garage Conversion Cost?

A garage conversion can provide you with a brand new room with which you can do whatever you want. You are limited only by your imagination, however, there must be some serious thought put into it before you commence with any work. One of the biggest considerations in regards to your garage conversion is the cost. A conversion can cost as much as you allow it to, with the price fluctuating based on your vision and end goal. 

So how much does a garage conversion cost? Well, that depends on what you want to convert your garage into. So let’s have a look at that, shall we?

Converting a garage into a room 

There are so many options you can look into when considering what to convert your garage into. A few of the more common examples are:

Garage conversion bedroom 

Garage conversion bedroom

If you need extra bedding space and don’t need space to store a vehicle then consider turning your old garage into a new bedroom. Of course, bedrooms require specific criteria to meet to be considered rooms and will also need to be modified more than other options in order to make them comfortable and warm. This can increase the cost a bit more than other room conversions and add to the work time needed to finish the project. If in any doubt always speak to a local and knowledgeable authority. 

Garage conversion annexe 

Turning a garage into a liveable and usable annexe require a bit more planning and forward-thinking than most other garage conversions. Making it habitable and functional will start to rack up the bill very quickly. Also, of note is the potential costs for planning permission and paperwork, especially if you are planning on modifying the outside of the garage. If you are planning on making it habitable then other things such as gas, electricity and water need to be considered and may also come with their own safety and legal paperwork.

Garage conversion games room 

Garage conversion games room

A games room conversion is a fairly simple job that likely won’t be as expensive as other conversions. What you need to consider though is what the room is going to be used for. Are you planning on having larger gatherings of friends and family around to watch TV or play pool? Or is it a small one-person hide-away for you to take cover in when you need to blow off some steam? If the garage isn’t already insulated then this is likely to be a concern, especially if you plan on spending longer amounts of time in there. 

Garage conversion lounge 

A warm and welcoming lounge is a focal point of a good family home. You need to seriously consider whether your garage is big enough to convert into such a room, or if you are going to have to start expanding the room by knocking through other walls or building new ones. Windows and doors have to be considered as well as you wouldn’t like to spend time in a room that doesn’t allow any natural light in, would you?

Costs of a garage conversion 

Garage conversions vary wildly in their costs. The cost can come down to a wide array of factors. These are all choices and decisions that you will have to make both before and during your conversion work. Factors that can affect the cost of a garage conversion are:


If you want to go for a more homely feel then you may want to consider having carpets installed in the new room rather than lino or wooden floors. The new use for the garage is also going to dictate what following you put down.

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Carpets will likely be much more expensive than laminate or lino flooring but are more suited to family rooms. A simple games room wouldn’t need such an expensive luxury and can fall into the cheaper category.


Cheap doors can ruin the look of any room. However good looking ones can cost you hundreds of pounds. What you also need to consider is if you are going to require specifically design fire doors or even doors designed for entry and exit to a building. Again, such doors that are fitting a specific purpose are likely to start racking up the bills that little bit faster.


Not obvious to begin with, but if you have a garage that you wish to convert into an annexe or a room that people are spending large amounts of time in, then well-fitted, double-glazed windows are going to need to be installed. And these cost a much more significant amount of money. Don’t skimp out by installing cheap windows because it can and will come back to haunt you in the future.


Adding and demolishing walls in a garage conversion brings with it a unique set of challenges. Not only does it bring with it the possibility of requiring planning permission and extra surveys, but by demolishing walls you must have the rubble and waste deposed of properly as well. This means trips to the tip or the hiring of skips for your builders. If in doubt about what you need to provide or require, speak to a local authority before carrying out the work.

Garage conversions building regulations

Garage conversions building regulations

Regulations for garage conversions will change depending on your house type, location, intended use and designs. For a general conversion of a games room or spare storage room, there is a good chance you may not require any permission what-so-ever to convert the garage, providing you aren’t adding new walls or removing any of the current ones. For external annexes, you may be required to get permission to add extra floors or to make it suitable for habitation. 

If your home came with a condition that limited any extra conversion work or building work, then you will be required to submit an application to suspend or alter this condition in order to continue with the work. Some councils may also not be willing to sacrifice a parking space without another alternative existing in order to maintain highway safety for the homeowner. Listed buildings will automatically have certain protections preventing work from being carried out without a permit. As such you must always seek permission and advice from your local authority before you do any work at all as doing so can lead to significant fines and legal penalties.