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How Much Does Underfloor Heating Cost?

We have been using radiators as the main source of heating in the house for decades. Given that we started with fires and moved up to radiators, we’ve come a long way in the past century, and yet the trend for radiators in the home is slowly changing. We’re now leaning towards more cost and energy efficient methods to heat our homes, and while radiators do still have a place, we are now looking more towards the benefits of underfloor heating.

The best thing about underfloor heating is the fact that it can be used in the home in many ways, from under carpets to under tiles, and if you are looking at redoing the heating in your home, you may find researching the cost of underfloor heating to be your next big project. When you install underfloor heating in your home, you choose to go down a more modern route and lean toward better efficiency all around.

The Cost of Underfloor Heating in the UK

Knowing the cost of underfloor heating depends on whether you plan to look closer at the costs of water underfloor heating or electric underfloor heating. There are different ways to install it, and the cost you pay will depend on the type of house you have, the size of the flooring you’re looking to heat and whether you use water underfloor heating or not. There are many different things to consider here, so let’s break it down for you so that it’s easier to understand and make the right decision for your home. The cost of underfloor heating will depend on what you want most of all, and they do vary depending whether your house is old or new, big or small. How much does underfloor heating cost to run? Well, let’s take a close look below!

Underfloor Heating: New Build Costs

When you consider underfloor heating for your new build property, you can easily become overwhelmed! All of the associated costs can feel like a lot, but there are some electrical underfloor heating costs that make for an affordable solution for your newly built home. The average cost of underfloor heating per m2 can begin from around £35, and the installation of underfloor heating in a new build can take around two days. Most new homes are better suited to water underfloor heating, but the water underfloor heating cost can be upwards of around £80 per m2. This is significantly higher than the electric underfloor heating cost, but it’s the more efficient option so should be looked upon as an investment in comfort!

Underfloor Heating: Renovated House Costs

Underfloor Heating Cost

When you think about the home improvements that you want to make because you don’t want to move to an entirely new home, you could consider the cost to install underfloor heating in a renovated house. Home improvements often include other things but underfloor heating is going to add massive value to your house. If you one day decide to sell it with underfloor heating as an option, you may find that you get more money for your home overall. Single bathroom upgrades and kitchen upgrades are excellent for underfloor heating, and You may not find the exact size you want, but you can then use underfloor heating on part of a room instead of the whole thing, costing you less money overall. You can consider a loose cable kit for an average 4.5m2 room, as the costs will start from around £290 depending on whom you choose to use. If you choose water underfloor heating in a renovated house, you may find it cheaper! Wet underfloor heating in renovated buildings often cost around £150 per m2, but this figure does not include the cost of labour so always ask about that!

Underfloor Heating: Installation Costs

In the long run, underfloor heating is one of the most cost-effective things that you can have in your home, saving you money on your energy bills and beyond. It doesn’t take up much space, and it may need some renovating if you want to install it into an older house, but the costs will always make sense! Whether you are constructing a brand new home or are renovating the rooms in an old house, it can cost as low as £30 for the smallest projects and over £10,000 for bigger, whole-home projects. The type of underfloor heating system you choose, the size of the rooms you heat, the age of the building and more will be considered before you go ahead and commit to this project.

Underfloor heating is an excellent choice for homeowners given the fact that you can have distributed warmth and comfort throughout the space in which you heat, which will then affect the rest of the house as a result. Underfloor heating falls into two categories – electric and water systems. The electric underfloor heating systems are known to be dry systems and the heat output is controlled by a thermostat. With the water underfloor heating, these circulate hot water to pipework in the floor and this is connected to a heat pump or a static boiler.

Costs of Warm Water Underfloor Heating

This heating can be installed under any type of flooring but it’s not the most straightforward to install. It requires more time and equipment to install it and it’s more expensive an option than the costs of electric underfloor heating. This type of underfloor heating is best suited to larger houses or buildings, as it uses a pipe network pushing hot water under the floor and warming the room. You can save money in the long run with the warm water underfloor heating systems as they are more cost efficient over time compared to radiators. If you choose boilers to heat the system, the efficiency is higher, too. An hourly rate for installing the warm water underfloor heating can start from £30, and it is best to ask if labour is included, too. You could be looking at costs of around £100 per m2, but it can go up to £200 depending on the material, location and the contractor you choose.

Costs of Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric underfloor heating costs are lower than warm water underfloor heating costs as it’s cheaper and far less complicated to install. The materials themselves are more affordable, and the labour won’t cost as much given the ease of installation. It can be the more expensive option long term, though, and this should only be the option if your space is smaller. The costs can range between £65 and £80 per square metre for electric mats or loose cables.

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