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Loft Conversion Ideas for Small Lofts

A loft conversion could provide you with the extra space you need in your home. Furthermore, this additional space can increase the value of a property by as much as 20 percent. Once your loft has been assessed suitable for conversion, it’s time to think of the best use for it. Here are all the practical ways you can use your loft space.

Storage Space

Many homeowners use their lofts to solve their storage problems. Converting your small loft into a storage space can prove to be a lot more inexpensive than going with other, more ambitious, projects. However, do bear in mind that not all lofts are suitable for storing heavy objects.

It’s not as easy as simply putting down some floorboards and bringing in your stuff. You certainly wouldn’t want your belongings suddenly falling through the ceiling. Consequently, the number one rule is to make sure it is safe to start converting your loft into storage space.

Since loft spaces are known to be prone to damp and condensation, it’s important to insulate your small loft so that your belongings don’t end up damp or mouldy. Next, think about ventilation to prevent the timbers from rotting. Once finished with the essentials, you could place shelves and cupboards along the walls to make better use of the space.

Leaving your stuff in boxes on the floor will not allow you to make the most of the available space. The good thing is, since you’ll be using your loft purely for storage, the decoration costs will be close to none since you don’t really need to paint the walls or invest in anything else to make your loft more welcoming. After all, it’s just a storage space.


Everybody needs a cosy place where they can unwind, relax, play some video games or watch a movie.

Dens are great places where you can pursue your passion, and small loft would make the perfect little den. Your choice of décor should really get you into the spirit of fun, and it would be nice to have it contrasting the rest of your home. You can keep it simple or go over the top – it all depends on your personal taste.

You could use vibrant colours for the walls and come in with full-white or plainly decorated furniture to balance things out.

A few bean bags, simple cupboards, and a modern floor lamp could be all you need in your little den, but it’s ultimately up to you to add it a personal touch. If you want to share your den with the rest of the family, you will also need to blend your needs with those of the kids. You can divide the adults’ area from the kids’ area with the help of a small folding screen, and keep everyone happy.

Play Area

Converting the loft into a playroom for the little ones is one of the best uses for a loft. The slanted walls may be annoying for the parents, but the kids will absolutely love how they look. It will look like one big tent! ]

Even small lofts offer great opportunities; you just need to be creative. Bring magic into the kids loft play area with something as simple as an interesting wallpaper. A chalkboard wall is also a fun addition to any kid’s playroom.

There’s no need to fill the kids’ little nest with lots of furniture, as what they actually appreciate is having the space to stretch out and play. A small table with comfy stools, easy-to-access toy storage, a bookcase, and a soft rug are the essential pieces to finish off the décor. When it comes to picking the colours, choose lighter hues to make the space appear bigger and brighter.

Spare Bedroom

A common problem for many homeowners is finding space for a spare bedroom. If you’re having a hard time finding space in your home to accommodate family members or friends coming to visit, then look no further than your loft.

Let’s go over the loft conversion bedroom idea. It can be as simple as installing a staircase for access and a few items of furniture or as complicated as adding new walls. However, given the compact area you have to work with, your project should be easy to manage on a decent budget.

The height of the ceiling is the most important element when creating a comfortable bedroom. If you find that the ceiling is too low, you can either alter the roofline or lower the ceiling to the room below. Either way, you will need to discuss the best option with a professional.

Extra dormer windows may also be required to allow more natural light to get in. Once the space is built, comes the easier part of styling the room. Since this is a blank canvas, you can go with any design aesthetic you choose. Industrial lofts are really in at the moment, so it is worth considering this aesthetic if you want to go for a more contemporary style rather than the same old classic style.

Extra Living Room

Create the perfect retreat with some extra living space. Keep things casual in your loft living room with a classic sofa in a neutral colour and mismatched armchair. You can amp it up with bold accessories, such as a pouffe and an animal-print rug.

When it comes to picking out the colours for your small loft conversion living room project, nothing beats white when it comes to wall paint. It has the power to make any room appear larger, and you can easily balance it out with wooden furniture to prevent it from looking too clinical.

Games Room

According to research by tech company Sony, almost 50 percent of the UK adults play video games and most of the gamers would like a room dedicated to this beloved hobby. So why not get started with your loft conversion games room project and increase your property value? Plus, even if selling your home is not something you plan on doing at the moment, having a place of recreation to call your own sure doesn’t hurt.
Building a games room in loft, be it small, is doable.

If it’s video games that you’re most eager to play, then things are easier. However, if you want to go down the traditional games route, it may prove a bit more difficult to squeeze in a snooker table or a table football table into a tiny space.

Divide the room into different gaming zones by placing the tables at different angles to create the illusion of space. Try mounting any small equipment on the wall to leave enough floor room for the larger stuff. You may also want to soundproof your floor so you can go as wild as you want, whether you’re losing or winning.

Cinema Room

A loft cinema? Sure, you can have your own epic home cinema even if you have to work with a small space. As with the games room, the cinema room may also need soundproofing, but it really depends on the proximity of your neighbours. Now, consider the colour scheme. As we all know, creating that genuine atmosphere of a cinema will require the use of dark shades for the walls and floor.

You don’t have to go full black; crimson brown, dark blue or mossy green are all perfect colours for classical-looking loft cinema room. If you have natural light shining through windows, it would be best to block it out with some blinds or even a blackout curtain. If you plan on calling more people over, create a few rows of seating; otherwise, a comfy sofa is all you really need if it’s only you and a couple of family members.

Home Office

Every loft is unique in terms of size and shape, but you will generally find that turning a loft into an office space is a lot easier than converting it into a bedroom, for example. A loft office requires little space, and a simpler project requires a smaller budget.

Windows may not be the first thing you think of when starting your loft conversion office project, but they completely transform the space. Natural light is a very important thing to have when you’re working. It will help you feel more productive and it is a better alternative than the harsh lights you’re used to in a conventional office building. Consider installing dormer windows if your loft lacks natural light.

A popular trend in office design is a minimalist aesthetic. Acrylic desks fit perfectly in a loft office space. This clear material allows light to pass through.

The chair should also be simple yet comfortable. Keep the colour palette neutral, but pull in pops of colour through accessories such as rugs or small throw pillows. You can even use faux bricks on one of the walls.

Bathroom / Shower Room

Turning your loft into a bathroom is something that may seem a bit unconventional – and it is, but it can be done. But first, remember that lofts have not been designed to hold the weight of a bathroom, so it will take a big revamping to achieve your goal.

The floor will most likely need to be build up so it can hold the weight of a bathtub/shower cabin, toilet, and sink.

Plumbing your small loft bathroom is also one of the trickiest aspects, so you should seek professional help. And keep in mind that you will need to get approval under building regulations for your loft bathroom.

Small Gym

Having a personal gym in your home is extremely convenient. You can work out anytime you want, there are no monthly membership fees, and you don’t have to walk or drive long distances to get there. Not all lofts spacious or strong enough for a loft gym, so make sure yours is suitable for this type of conversion.

Get your loft evaluated professionally before getting started, as your floor may need reinforcement. Make good use of space by creating over-head storage that will allow you to keep the floor free for the larger equipment. Smaller pieces of equipment such as yoga mats, yoga balls, small weights, and other similar objects can be stored overhead.

Clothes Room

If you have a hard time finding enough closet space to accommodate all your clothes and accessories, look up. Your small loft has a great potential for becoming a wonderful loft walk in wardrobe. Embrace the quirky angles, because thanks to the numerous professionals specialized in custom furniture, it is now possible to make the most of any space! It’s important to consider the temperature of your space, as it should be comfortable for you but at the same time proper for storing your clothing items.

It is also recommended that your loft wardrobe have proper ventilation to prevent mould. A mirror placed across from a window will not only come in handy when you try on clothes but will also make the space feel airier and larger. Tricks like these that transform the tiniest of spaces into functional rooms for the whole family to enjoy!