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Loft Conversions for New Build Homes

If you want to add value to your new build, you can incorporate a loft conversion. Loft conversions include:

  • Having an open office by installing office equipment such as an office desk and chair, desktop, printers, scanners, and more. Additionally, you can use it as a study room.
  • Designing a bedroom by having a bed on one corner, fitting wardrobes, a dressing table, and a bedside table. It comes in handy when your child requests privacy.
  • A gym, if you enjoy working out. Some must-have home gym equipment include a steel body strength training power tower, crossover machine, leg press machines, and rowing machines.
  • A storage space. You can transform your loft into a storage unit by installing racks, sliding, drive-in, or flow through racks that utilize floor space.
  • An entertainment room. You can create a custom made media room for a home theater or a perfect gaming space.

But these conversions depend on the size of your loft. Your loft can be too small for conversion, have a lower height, or with an awkward shape. But this does not mean you cannot convert it. For instance, the average and most convenient height of a loft should be at most, 2.4 meters high. This way, it is easy to fit in equipment depending on the type of conversion. A new build loft conversion is easy, but it is advisable to hire a specialist.

Can You Do a Loft Conversion In a New Build?

Can You Do a Loft Conversion In a New Build?

 Yes, you can do a loft conversion in a new build. You will have to factor in considerations necessary for transformation. Start by contacting a loft conversion specialist. New build loft conversion UK specialists have a great experience, as loft conversion is common in the UK. So you can have one visit your premises to make measurements on the type of conversion to incorporate.

It would be best if you had a specialist because today’s new builds use W trusses, and you can face challenges while trying to do it on your own. Additionally, not all lofts are suitable for conversion, and specialists can make adjustments to make them suitable for conversion.

 Just like any other building construction, a loft conversion requires planning regulations and laws. It calls for getting building permission from your developer. Doing this can help you avoid facing a lawsuit for construction without a permit.

This is common if you are leasing a new build or buying one that comes with strict contract terms and conditions. Other than that, factor in building regulations such as designing a fire escape for safety reasons. Other building regulations ensure the stability of the structure, which can protect new-build residents from danger.

A mansard loft conversion has a flat roof, and this requires special planning permission to make changes to the roof structure. It requires more construction work than other loft conversions, and for this, it is advisable to have a loft specialist do all the work. 

How Much Does a New Build Loft Conversion Cost?

How Much Does a New Build Loft Conversion Cost

 New build homes loft conversion costs will be different for each type of loft structure. For instance, a mansard loft conversion can be more expensive since it will require changing the roof structure and shape. Other than that, other considerations include the location of your new build, materials you plan on using for conversion, and design.

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 However, it would help if you also put in mind the costs of hiring a loft specialist, an architect to design, and lastly, transportation of materials. Additional costs are the equipment you will buy to match the loft’s purpose. That is, if you convert your loft into a gym, estimate the costs of gym equipment.

 Types of Lofts

  • A roof light loft will cost around £40,000.
  • A mansard will cost £80,000.
  • Modular lofts cost around £90,000 and
  • Dormer loft costs £45,000.

Building Materials and Installation

  • To install a ceiling it costs around £1,700.
  • Drywall installation costs £1,900.
  • Painting the wall costs less than £800.
  • Window installation is £3,700.
  • Interior wall framing can cost you £1,400.
  • Ducts and vents will cost another £1,400.
  • Installing a closet costs £2,200.

Remember that all the above costs are just rough estimates. For accurate estimations, you can contact a company that provides loft conversion services. You can choose to install a new staircase that leads to the loft or refurbish the existing one. It is also advisable to include a washroom, especially if you convert the room into a bedroom or gym.


New build loft conversion processes will ensure that your new structure is perfect and safe. If you are on a tight budget, loosen up a bit and add extra money for the decorative purposes that will make your house more attractive.

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